Do you have a problem with buying nerdy things? Do you need a new bookshelf, or bookshelves so you can fit all the new games you just bought, or so you can display the new action figures you got a sweet deal on?! Don't worry, you're not alone! 

Welcome to the Lost Loot Blog,
Where we are taking our love of all things nerdy, our ability to horde and overspend; and trying to make ourselves feel better about it. For example, obviously we had to buy this new game so we could have something to play test for this weeks blog... the fact that you (likely our moms), are the only ones who watched it, that's just semantics - we gotta keep our loyal following happy! But in all seriousness, we started this site as a way to try and share our love of all things nerdy with others. We are just two nerds, looking to share our opinions, experiences, and new purchases with the world! So where to start? Let's start with our interests.

We will be covering nerdy topics of all shapes and sizes. This will include reviews of board games, movies and TV shows, tours of our sweet collections of action figures or comics, and anything else we feel is blog worthy. Want to hear our opinions on something specific? Feel free to drop us a line! Excited? Us too.
Together Cody and I are going to try and put together an amazing collection of our thoughts, opinions, and experiences. Our first blog might be a movie review of the movie alien apocalypse or the board game a Study in Emerald. Perhaps you will get a tour of Cody's new Star Trek action figures, or vintage video game collection, or even some of the models we have painted to date.
So sit down, relax, grab your version of the game we are reviewing this week and following along. Oh and don't forget to click all the things (except those links at the top - pretty sure those don't work yet).

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