New Years Games-O-lution

We want to start this post by saying sorry for dropping the ball a little the last couple of weeks. We hope that everyone had a great holiday season, filled with fun, family, and lots of nerdy loot. During these past few weeks, we have been very busy. On top of having an amazing Christmas, we have relocated from beautiful British Columbia (Canada) back to Ontario (Canada).

Needless to say, 2018 will be a year of big changes for us, some board game related and other a little more personal. Starting of course with our new blog layout! Hopefully it is a little more reader friendly! While change is in the air around here, we thought we would get on the bandwagon and make a few game-changing new habits/ new years resolutions. Our first goal is to make sure that we are posting weekly. So if you enjoy the read, feel free to tune in each week. We will try our hardest to have new post up every Sunday night. Our second goal - may be a slightly bigger feat than our first, is to complete our new, 2018 Games-O-lutions challenge.

To kick off the new year we have created a list of board game related goals to make for a fun board game filled year. We have designed this list to take us out of our comfort zone, in hopes that we will experience some new exciting board games and board game genres, that are a little different from our usual collection and enhance our ability to evaluate games. Without any further adieu, ladies and gentlemen, our 2018 Games-O-lutions:  

Games-O-lutions 2018

  • Play a new game by one of our favourite board games designers
  • Play a game by an unknown designer (unknown to us)
  • Play a war game
  • Play a movie-themed game
  • Play a game with DVD portion (bonus points for VHS)
  • Play a solo game
  • Play a popular CCG (bonus points if it isn't MTG)
  • Play a game with an App add-on
  • Play a game that is more than 30 years old
  • Play a horror-themed game
  • Play a classic family game / children's game 
  • Fund a Kickstarter game and play it (if you can)
  • Play a dungeon crawler
  • Play a drawing game
  • Play a game with a rating less than 4.0 on BGG
  • Play a game rated above 8.0 on BGG
  • Play a drinking game (chocolate milk perhaps for the younger audience)
  • Play a version of Pandemic (and win)
  • Host a board game night with more than 3 people
  • Make / join a board game group
  • Give someone a game
  • Play a game invented in your country
  • Complete the 10X10 challenge
  • Make your own board game (or at least brainstorm some cool themes)
  • Play a game based on a recommendation
  • Create house rules for a game
  • Play a game that is based on a video game
  • Play a game bought at a thrift store
  • Paint miniatures for a whole game (and play the game)
  • Play "a take that" game
  • Play an RPG
  • Play a game with an expansion
  • Play a game published the year you were born
  • Record a play through and post it online
  • Play an Indie game
  • Play a game with more than five players
  • Introduce a non-gamer to board gaming
  • Log all board game plays and the scores (BGG)

     We tried to make this list not only comprehensive but also inclusive, so that if you want you can do the games-o-lutions challenge with us. If you do play along we would love to hear about your progress through the list. If there is anything you think we missed on the list we would be interested in hearing about that too. 
     Have a happy, safe, and nerdy New Year everyone! 

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