Games-O-Lutions Update

With next week marking the beginning of June and the halfway point of the year, we thought it would be a good time to do a quick update on our Games-O-Lution post to see just how much we have accomplished so far, and what is still left! For those of you who are unfamiliar with our Games-O-Lution Challenge check out the original post. The purpose of this challenge was to try and push us to explore new games, meet new people, and dive even deeper into the board gaming world. So far it seems that Cody may have been right, this challenge is not as easy as I originally thought. It is halfway through the year and we have accomplished only 15 of 38 challenges. Things are starting to seem a little daunting but it just means more board games!

Take a look below at what we have accomplished to date:
  • Play a game by an unknown designer - check out our review of Crazier Eights: One Thousand and One Nights
  • Play a movie-themed game - Star Wars Destiny
  • Play a game with an App add-on - Mansions of Madness
  • Play a horror-themed game - Dead of Winter
  • Fund a Kickstarter game - Dwar7 Winter, Nemesis, & Dinosaur Island
  • Play a game with a rating above 8.0 on BGG - Scythe
  • Play a version of Pandemic & win  - Pandemic: Rise of Cthulhu 
  • Host a board game night with more than 3 people  - Dominion via Skype
  • Give someone a game  - Board Game Broads give away
  • Play a game invented in your country  - Super Motherload
  • Play a game based on a recommendation  - Jaipur
  • Play a game based on a video game  - This War of Mine
  • Play a 'take that' game  - Gingerdead House
  • Play an Indie Game - Halls of Judgement
  • Introduce a non-gamer to board gaming  - Cody's brother (King of Toyko & Dead of Winter)

Note: that there are in fact a couple of others that we have started but haven't quite finished. These include things like:
  • Designing a board game  - Check out our post about board game design
  • logging all our plays on BGG  - Started but won't be done until the end of the year
  • 10x10 challenge - Finished Santorini, still working on the others
  • Create house rules for a game - Working on house rules for The Real Ghostbusters
  • Record a playthrough and post it online - Started one for Unearthed (Stay tuned)

While others we have collected all the supplies we need, and just need to find the time to play:
  • Play a game with a VHS component - Cody bought a copy of Star Trek VHS Game
  • Play a popular CCG (that isn't magic) - Just picked up a copy of Over Power
  • Play a dungeon crawler - Dungeon Saga
  • Play a game bought at a thrift store - Scored a copy of Pandemic for $3.99
  • Play an RPG - Got a D&D starter kit recently also picked up a sweet old monster manual
After going through the list, it seems like we are going to have to buckle down and get gaming! That said while completing the list is important it is the journey, not the destination. We created this challenge because we wanted to become better gamers, learn more about different types of games, and push ourselves to design our own. While I am not ready to give up on completing all 38 challenges, I know that no matter what happens we will have had lots fun. 

How are you doing on your board game resolutions or gamer bucket list? Have any of them fallen by the wayside? We would love to hear from you!

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