Game Store Corner

As the name suggests, this page is dedicated to checking out as many game stores in Ontario as we can. That's right, we are taking Lost Loot Games on the road (well kinda). Each time we head to a new town or city we love to check out the game stores and talk to the staff. As a fun summer project, we are challenging ourselves to check out as many new game stores as possible and report back on what we find. 

This page will include information on the game store, the type of games they carry, general pricing, events that they host, and the occasional interview with the owner. Everything you need to know about the game stores in your area or stores that you should take a drive to check out. 

Click the photo to see our review &
interview of Jack's on Queen.

Know of a great store that we haven't mentioned yet? Send us an email or let us know in the comments.

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