Great Gift Games for the Holidays

With Christmas right around the corner, we thought we would switch things up. Instead of our usual review, we thought it would be nice to offer some recommendations for the board gamer in your life, with a couple of games and other goodies. These are some great games to make the holidays even more fun. 

So what would we love to get for Christmas if we hadn't already bought it?

For the worker placement gamer:
Out this year I would recommend EX LIBRIS, we bought this game about a month ago and did a review on it last week. It is a great game, it looks great on the table, and look forward to playing it again soon. The game is easy to understand and the magical library assistants give the game a fantastical feel, which is great to play with your favourite version of A Christmas Carol playing in the background.

For the Star Wars fans
For the hardcore nerd couple, (which we proudly are) I would recommend Star Wars Rebellion. This is one of those games that is like living in the star wars universe. The down side to this one is that it is a little pricey so if you are willing to spend a little extra money for that special someone This is the game to get. With cool miniatures and exciting game play this one would be a great way to spend Christmas day. Especially with the newest movie out just around the corner this is a great addition - although it is best played with two. If the board gamer in your life already has this  game, try it's expansion that adds even more characters from the Star Wars Universe.

For the dice throwing, party game lover, or board game newbie
The top game (that comes up a lot on this blog) is King of Toyko. If you have a gamer friend that does not own this one, that is a great Christmas gift. This game is always fun to play and easy to understand.  With cool monsters, unique dice and awesome expansions, I would recommend this game for anyone. It is easy to teach and even my non gamer friends who have played have asked to play another round or two. Please note this game is best played with at least three players.

Stocking stuffers
The first stocking stuffer I would recommend is a starter pack or two of a CCG they don't have, something they might not buy for themselves. Sometimes these games might surprise you with their playability, unique mechanics and interesting art. Booster pack are also a fun stocking stuffer because what is inside is a surprise to both of you since you wouldn't really know what to get. These can generally be picked up your local gamestore, Amazon, or EBay.
Schotten totten would be a great stocking stuffer and it a simple enough card game that we have gotten hours of enjoyment out of already. It is small enough that you could take it with you pretty much anywhere and simple enough to understand and play.
The fox of the forest is another game that would fit well into someone special's stocking. It is a game that is similar enough to standard card games that it is easy to understand and play. It would be a great way to spend Christmas morning. 

There are some really interesting things you can buy for the gamer in your life that complement games. Some of the obvious are, dice towers, dice, dice bags, card cover and cases. Some of the less obvious things would be the sorters that are normally used for fishing tackle. You can pick these up for a few dollars (CDN) and they are great to use with EURO games that have a lot of different resources and pieces that need to be kept separate.  

Hopefully this list helps you find that perfect gift for the gamer in your life.

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