Our Games-O-Lution 10x10

Continuing from last week with our attempts to conquer our 2018 Games-O-Lution, this week we will be focusing on our 10 x 10 picks! For anyone not familiar with this concept, a 10x10 is ten games played ten times. While some will find this very easy to do, others who have massive game collections will find it more difficult, as they only have so much time and likely want to play as many games as possible. While we might not struggle as much as others with larger game collections, we thought this would be a good challenge to help us get more familiar with games that don't make it to the table very often. Some of the games are quick and easy such as Santorini, while others such as Star Wars: Rebellion are a little more lengthy. 

Our full ten by ten includes:

  • Five tribes (Days of Wonder)
  • Star Wars rebellion (Fantasy Flight)
  • Cthulhu Pandemic (Z-man)
  • Super mother load (X-gen)
  • Viticulture (Stonemaier games)
  • Santorini (Roxley)
  • Unearth (Brotherwise Games)
  • Thebes (Queen games)
  • Queendomino (BlueOrange)
  • Heroscape (Hasbro)

Since picking our 10x10 games on Saturday morning, we have already started checking off some plays! We had an itch to play Santorini and managed to get in three games. We also checked off a few other categories from our challenge, this week we played Star Wars: Destiny - a game based on a movie and as per last weeks post, we backed a Kickstarter - Dwar7.

Keep checking back for more updates on our 2018 Games-O-Lution progress, and feel free to share your adventures. We would love to hear about your own 10x10 or other board game related new years resolution challenges that you are doing! We would also love to know what topics or posts you would like to see in the future, feel free to leave us a comment.

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  1. Love star wars rebellion! Too bad it's so hard to get to the table for me.


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