Kickstarter Preview - Hippos Love Sushi

What's in the Box?
The review copy of Hippos Love Sushi that we received included the following:

  • 4 meal plates - 8 individual cards;
  • 1 head hippo cards;
  • 4 hippo cards; 
  • 4 score cards; 
  • 4 reference cards; and 
  • 30 ingredient cards

Being a review copy, it is quite likely that the components we received may be different from the final product, but let's talk about what is in the box. The artwork for this game was okay, the artwork was very simple (but will be updated once the game is funded). While this made the ingredient cards appear a little boring it was likely done to help players to memorize their cards. If the cards had a lot to them it would likely make the game even harder. While the meal cards worked with the game, it would have been nice if they were larger sized cards or cardboard - anything that was a single card instead of multiple cards just placed together. As is, the meal cards were coming apart and didn't have the table presence the game could have had. 


Hippos Love Sushi offers players a family friendly filler game that is great for young kids while still being fun for adults. The game plays over 3 rounds in which players take on the role of hippo chefs cooking 4 meals together and then trying to decide which meal would be best to eat (with the most correct ingredients). The game is played in two phases:

  1. Card placement - in this phase of the game players take turns placing ingredients on one of the 4 recipes. Place your ingredients anywhere you like but make sure you keep track because in phase 2 you will get points for choosing the meal and ingredient cards and trust me it isn't as easy as it would seem.
  2. Dinner time - in this phase of the game each hippo picks a meal (2 in a 2 player game) then offers the other players a bite from their meal. If the player picks a bite that is part of the recipe then they get a point, if not then they lose a point (you can pass). Then once each player has tried a bite the remaining cards are flipped and players score based on the number of correct ingredients in their meal. 


This game can be a lot of fun we tripped each other up while playing cards, laughing when we couldn't remember where we put the right ingredient and looking at the gross concoctions our hippos just ate.

Food for Thought

Hippos Love Sushi is a family friendly filler game that offers a fun experience that keeps players laughing throughout the game. While the game may not introduce any new/fancy mechanics that gamers may look for Hippos Love Sushi plays quite well and I would be happy to play with any of my nieces or nephew.

In many ways, Hippos Love Sushi is concentration on steroids. Instead of picking up cards though, players are putting them down and trying to remember exactly where they put each of their 15 cards so that they can score extra points in the dinner phase of the game. Unlike concentration though, this game relies significantly more on luck. Because let's face it, even if you can keep track of the 15 cards that you put down, you have no idea if your fellow hippo chefs are looking to get a Michelin Star or ruin your recipe.

One thing that we would love to see is a way to have more meals. While the game offers a number of unique plays because of the randomness of placing the ingredients, it seems like an adult crowd might get bored of playing the same 4 meals. Perhaps we will just have to wait for Castor and Pullox to release more meals but it would be nice if the game came with 2 or 3 more meals so that the game could have more variety.

Final Thoughts
Hippos Love Sushi has a big bite for such a little game, offering a fun and memorable experience for players of all ages. While Hippos may not be the best chefs, they sure know how to have fun, throwing random ingredients into pizza, salad, sushi, and ice cream sundae. This game would make a great addition for any family gamer, offering a great game to get the little ones into the hobby. Find this 2-4 player memory game on Kickstarter starting September 27, 2018 for $18 USD.


Lost Loot Games would like to thank Castor & Pollux for the review copy of Hippos Love Sushi.
While we did receive a free review copy of the game, we were not otherwise compensated,
nor did this impact our opinion of the game.

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